Perfectionist - natural - dreamy - honest - picky - 

headstrong - elegant - energetic - friendly - humorous - 

thoughtful - creative - tidy - addicted to 

chocolate, coconut, bags, necklaces and Italian food

I'm Ann. I'm a German small town woman, that loves to take photos and dreams way too much. In my Blog I want to share with you my current work, shoots, or just some stuff about the things they are going on in my life. I try to carry my camera with me everywhere I can, to capture all the moments I like. Moreover I want to learn a lot more about photography, want to get even better and tell stories with my pictures some day. I think a photo is just a detail or a tiny emotion of a whole story. If you're a good photographer, the person who looks at your picture, thinks about the rest of the story himself and imagen what happened and creates an own story that way. Everybody sees the world different. That's what makes it interesting. With my camera, I can show you, how I see the world. And maybe you like my way to capture impressions and like to follow my progress as well? I don't know if my goal is to become famous with my work, or self-employed someday, but what I know for sure, is, that I never want to stop taking pictures for the rest of my life.
I work in a Photo Studio and get new impressions every week. I'm so excited about every step my bosses take and so lucky, that I've got the chance to see the studio growing all the time. You can never stop learning, but you can explore and try new things. And you can never know what the future brings. But that's what we are living for, for today and the future. For the moment.